Where are the large, friendly letters when you really need them?

After a decisive preseason victory over the pathetic Buffalo Bills, the Redskins fared significantly worse against a team with higher prospects, the Baltimore Ravens.  On the surface, there’s more than just the 23-3 score to panic over:  there was the utter lack of performance of Larry Johnson, just one of the three thirty-or-almost-thirty running backs on the roster.  There were the six dropped catches — on the offense alone.  And there were the injuries:  Kareem Moore, Mike Sellers, and even Stephen Strasburg all ended their nights with injuries.  Strasburg’s was particularly shocking given that it was in another sport, 130 miles away.

And then, as always, there’s the Albert Haynesworth saga, which is turning into a bizarre cross between a soap opera and an episode of “House.”  (Exactly what is the differential on failing a conditioning test, having a sore knee, dehydration, headaches, and being a general pain in the ass?)

But relax, it was only a preseason game, which means exactly nothing, except to the “lifelong” Ravens fans taunting you at work this morning.  Above all, DON’T PANIC.

(Well, maybe just a little.)

Stupid IE7 Tricks

How’s this for stupid IE7 tricks?

I have a <legend> inside a <fieldset> inside a <div> that is made a modal via jQuery.  Said <legend> disappears when it is italic AND the modal is set to non resizable.  If either of those conditions is false, the <legend> displays fine.

And this is only happening in IE7 (as opposed to Firefox, Chrome, etc.  I’m not testing in other versions of IE).