Because on this point, I’m completely narcissistic, here’s my email that Mr. Tony read on today’s show:

I’m no doctor (I was actually a history major in college), but from the description of your symptoms you clearly have sweating sickness. Extremely fast acting and most often fatal, several outbreaks in England killed thousands of people in the 15th and 16th centuries before human beings developed a natural immunity to it.  But you’re so old you may not have that immunity yourself.  If I were you, I’d go to a doctor quickly so he can start with the leeches.

Review: Twitter for Mac

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Original post:

It’s been waaay too long coming, but Twitter finally released version 2.0 of the Mac Twitter client formerly known as Tweetie.  Finally we can see native twitter retweets (an implementation I still don’t like, but it’s a fact of life in Twitter now, so clients need to be on board with it) and a slicker, more modern interface.

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