Update to TC Comment Out

Fresh off the presses, I have an update to my original WordPress plugin, TC Comment Out. I’ve added the ability to add an attribute that will completely remove the commented out text from the finished page altogether, rather than hide it inside HTML comments (which, by the way, is still the default behavior). So now, if you’re so paranoid (and they really are out to get you!) that you don’t even want the commented text viewable when the visitor to your site views the source HTML in the browser, you now have that option.

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Update on the Free Mr. Tony Situation

So I’ve been using DAR.fm for a couple of weeks now, and things seem to be going fairly smoothly.  At first, there was a few seconds of overlap between one part and the next, but now that’s even gone away and aside from a quick stutter, one part rolls nicely into the next without Mr. Tony and gang repeating themselves.

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Quick Fix for Network Issues

Occasionally, when I’m on the client’s site, the Internet connection on my MacBook Pro completely dies even though I’m connected to the Wi-Fi network and have a valid (that is, not self-assigned) IP address.  Usually this is caused when the VPN I’m connected to (yes, even though I’m on the client site I still sometimes need to connect to their VPN) crashes my machine, and I’m talking gray-screen-of-death calibre of crashing.

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