Do You Still Test in IE7?

Hi there, fellow web developers. I stopped testing for Internet Explorer 6 a while ago, simply because I had enough trouble managing virtual machines to handle testing in IE7, IE8 and IE9.  Now with my primary client fully switched over to IE8, I find myself rarely, if ever, even testing in IE7.  In fact, I removed that VM from my VMWare Virtual Machine Library just yesterday (although I did not delete the VM’s file off my hard drive).

So my question to you all is: do you still test in IE7? Or is it only 8 and above for you guys now?

Thanks for your input!

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Why HTML5 Isn’t Ready for Government Prime Time

HTML5 goodness is all around us now, with its semantic nature in elements such as <article> and <section>. But when it comes to using HTML5 in websites for the U.S. federal government, there are some major obstacles in the way.

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In Defense of Accommodating “Lesser” Browsers

Among the elite of the web development world, and those who aspire to the elite, there seems to be an increasing push to say “websites don’t have to look the same in every browser.” And I agree with that. Really I do.

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BBEdit 10

I guess I’m going to be in the minority for not heaping praise upon BBEdit’s new update, version 10.1 However, as a long-time user (I think I started using it somewhere around version 4, IIRC), there have been enough changes in this version to throw my whole workflow out of whack, including one key feature (for me at least) that’s now gone altogether.

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