Why No, I Won’t Cry for You, Mike Shanahan

By the time you read this, heck, by the time I’m finished writing this, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan is likely to be out of his job.

This has become a macabre ritual on the Monday following the end of the regular NFL season: the Black Monday head coach death watch. Browns coach Rob Chudzinski, already received his pink slip, after less than a full year on the job and a 4-12 record. Reports are that Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier has suffered a similar fate.

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No More National Fraud League

I’m very tired this morning. Why? Because I stayed up to very close to midnight last night to watch what passes for a professional football game these days.  A game that was decided on the last play when the replacement referees blew a call that would have been obvious to my four year old.

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Cowboys Fans Are Even Stupider than We Thought

You ever have one of those moments where you think of the perfect retort to an idiotic comment days later? I’m having one of those now. And the inanity of the original comment to me is so beyond absurd, that it’s leaving me irritated and fuming even now.

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Mounting Apathy

It all started before the 2009 season.  Albert Haynesworth was introduced as the latest in a long line of high-profile free agent acquisitions by the Snyder/Cerrato team, with a contract worth up to $100 million dollars.  Shortly after that, it was revealed that Haynesworth was charged with two misdemeanors for something or other in Tennessee.

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