Update on the Free Mr. Tony Situation

So I’ve been using DAR.fm for a couple of weeks now, and things seem to be going fairly smoothly.  At first, there was a few seconds of overlap between one part and the next, but now that’s even gone away and aside from a quick stutter, one part rolls nicely into the next without Mr. Tony and gang repeating themselves.

I love the fact that I can scrub past commercials. It’s made listening to the show so much faster now that I don’t have to sit through twenty asthma PSAs per show.

Downloading to my computer has worked pretty well, although LockerSync3, the program one needs to transfer the audio files from the cloud into iTunes, occasionally freaks out and spews some mysterious errors. But mostly, I haven’t bothered, opting instead to listen through the DAR.fm web interface.

Less successful has been listening to the show through AirBand, the iPhone app that connects to mp3tunes.com. I’ve gotten it to work, but you can’t scrub through the tracks. I’m spoiled now. I’m not going to listen to commercials if there’s any other option at all, so I don’t.

The biggest problem is that sometimes the last few seconds of the show (emails) gets cut off, I guess because the show runs long. Fortunately, the mothership podcast, which is usually released sometime in the afternoon after the show, always has the emails, so I just listen to what got cut off.

All in all, I’ve found a new way of consuming the Tony Kornheiser Show that involves same-day time-shifting and no ads. And I have ESPN 980 to thank for that!

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