Update on the Free Mr. Tony Situation

So I’ve been using DAR.fm for a couple of weeks now, and things seem to be going fairly smoothly.  At first, there was a few seconds of overlap between one part and the next, but now that’s even gone away and aside from a quick stutter, one part rolls nicely into the next without Mr. Tony and gang repeating themselves.

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Free Mr. Tony! (And Here’s How To Do It)

At about the same time as WTEM ESPN980 decided that it would delay releasing its unabridged podcast of The Tony Kornheiser Show for twenty-four hours, David Pogue of the New York Times released his podcast and column spotlighting a little something called DAR.fm. What is it? Nothing less than a way that YOU can help free Mr. Tony, at least for yourself.

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Free Mr. Tony!

UPDATE:  See below for Mr. Sapienza’s latest reply

I thought I’d share my email exchange with Chuck Sapienza, programming manager for ESPN 980:

My original email:

Why are you now delaying podcast releases for 24

I try to listen to The Tony Kornheiser Show live via internet stream, but AS I HAVE A JOB, sometimes I’m in meetings or otherwise not at my desk between 10 and 12.

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