Taking After School Activity Providers Back to School

It’s back to school time again, meaning it’s also back to after school activities. Thing 1 is in chess club and takes piano lessons. Thing 2 wants to be a Girl Scout Daisy.

There’s also a bevy of after school sports to choose from, all run by organizations that at this age (3rd and K) are not our school system, but rather private organizations that come to schools throughout the area for things like soccer, field hockey, etc.

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Embracing the Mobile World

The following is cross-posted from the RP3 Magnetisms blog, and is presented here in its original form.

As you read this, I have no idea where you are.

You could be on the train, on your way home, reading this on your smartphone. You could be sitting on your couch, reading this on a tablet like the iPad or Kindle Fire. Or you could be sitting at your desk at work, reading this on your computer, but the numbers show that this is becoming a less likely scenario every day.

And in the end, it shouldn’t matter. People today are confronted with a staggering amount of Internet-based media, from online news sources to blogs to streaming video and audio, and increasingly they’re ditching the traditional computer to consume it. Continue reading “Embracing the Mobile World”