Washington Area Women’s Foundation

I’m super-excited to share the latest launch by RP3 Agency: The Washington Area Women’s Foundation website.

This website launch is the culmination of nearly a year of close collaboration with the client, extensively reimagining their outdated website and delivering a clean, modern and responsive new site.

Additionally, the new site is built on WordPress, leveraging the platform’s strengths as a full-featured content management system. My goal as the technical lead of the project was to deliver a site that not only was more pleasing and easy to use for visitors, but easier and more intuitive to manage for our clients.

In coming days and weeks I’ll be sharing more about the structure of the site: how we created a flexible content entry system yet maintained simplicity in the entry fields; our use of technologies such as Backbone.js to improve site performance, and how we architected the front end with Sass, Breakpoint and Susy grids.

My sincerest thanks to everyone on the team who made this site possible:

  • Jared Arrington
  • Suriporn Bridge
  • Bryan Cox
  • Mark Lovett
  • Kat Piscatelli
  • Allison Rinaldi
  • Kurt Roberts
  • Julie Smith
  • Deanna Steers
  • Lauren Turner

Way to go, team!

Picturefill.js + WordPress

Matt Marquis, chair of the Responsive Images Community Group, asked on Twitter:

Anyone know whether picture/Picturefill support is officially in the works for WordPress? Could swear I saw something about that once.

There’s no official, native support for the <picture> element (or its polyfill) in WordPress, and the Picturefill.js script is not included in the WordPress distribution (like jQuery is), but you can use both the <picture> element along with Picturefill.js in your WordPress theme today, if you’re not afraid of a little custom theming. We’ll follow the instructions for using Picturefill.js by Scott Jehl for our actual <picture> element markup.

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Chapter 4 Now Available

Hi kids, here’s a book update. Chapters four through six are currently in review, but that’s not holding us back! If you’ve purchased the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program), chapter four is now available for download. In it, I go in depth in building your static prototype, a step that I do not consider optional when building a WordPress theme.

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MEAP Deal of the Day

So all this week I’ve been bombarding you with the news that my book, Responsive WordPress Theming, is now available as part of Manning’s Early Access Program.

Well today, July 18, it is their MEAP Deal of the Day! (Insert trumpet fanfare here.) Use offer code dotd0718au for 50% off either the ebook MEAP or the ebook + print edition MEAP.

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“Responsive WordPress Theming” Now Available in MEAP

Good news, everyone!

The first three chapters of my book, Responsive WordPress Theming, are now available through the Manning Early Access Program. When you subscribe to my book through the MEAP, not only do you get these chapters right away, but future chapters are delivered right onto your computer as I write them in real time, Google Docs style! Well, maybe not, but you will be getting chapters as they are released.

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