Shop Talk Show & New Speaking Gig

Shop Talk Show

My Shop Talk Show appearance is in the feed! I cannot thank Dave and Chris enough for having me on. I had so much fun, and they made me feel very, very welcome. Check it out!

Sassy DC

My newest meetup addiction has been Sassy DC. Welch and Una run an excellent monthly meetup where we get to talk about all things Sass. They’ve been kind enough to invite me to talk at an upcoming meetup, so on May 7 I’ll be presenting about Sass data types and control structures. If you’re in D.C., and want to learn about some of the things that make Sass more like a real programming language (such as looping through arrays and the like), come on out! Details to come.

Lightning Storm

Last night, WordPress DC (which, if you live in/near Washington, D.C. and love WordPress, you really must join) held a round of lightning talks covering a range of WordPress and WordPress-related topics.

I gave a quick five-minute talk on some stupid Sass tricks you can do, including changing the entire color scheme on a page just using one hex color and a whole bunch of Sass color functions. Then I demoed how you can create odd grid systems by again, modifying only a handful of variables.

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Easier Modernizng with Sass

Seriously, Sass, where have you been all my life?

Or, more truthfully, why did I not appreciate you before now?

In this world where web developers might like to say “we only support the latest browsers,” the truth of the matter is we’re constantly making tweaks and fixes to support browsers that, well, haven’t quite kept up with the times. And a great tool in this thankless task is Modernizr.js, a library of browser feature tests that can tell you “yes, this browser can support CSS3 gradients” or “sorry, but no support for RGBa here.” Modernizr does this by putting the browser the visitor is using through its paces, and then including the capabilities and deficiencies as CSS classes added to the <html> tag. Continue reading “Easier Modernizng with Sass”

A Response to “Preprocess THIS!”

So, I’ve already posted a bit about how CSS preprocessors (namely, Sass) can save you gobs of time when coding a responsive site. In the week since I posted that, I’ve discovered even more tips and tricks that make preprocessors an almost necessary part of your responsive development portfolio, and I’ll share those with you in the near future.

In the meantime, I wanted to respond to Allison Wagner’s post entitled “Preprocess THIS!”, and address some of the concerns she had regarding Sass and how we at RP3 Agency have begun to address the same issues. Continue reading “A Response to “Preprocess THIS!””