I’m in Love

I’ll admit it, I’m a WordPress theme junkie. It’s what I do, after all. I love seeing what the big theme shops put out almost as much as I love building them myself. I’m also perennially distracted by “the new shiny” — pretty much every new theme that comes out will catch my eye and earn my appreciation.

But then there are the ones… the ones that knock your socks off when you see them. It was like that for me on Wednesday when I first saw the new theme from The Theme Foundry, Collections.

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“Requiring” Plugins

I’ve started working on a redesign of this site (spoiler alert: it’ll be responsive! Eventually.), and one thing that’s kind of dogged theme developers (I think) is what to do about plugins that are pretty much required in order to make your theme go.

To this point, it hasn’t been an issue for me. Pretty much every theme I’ve developed has been unique for a particular client, and I have as yet attempt to release a theme to the WordPress theme repository. Ergo, if I required a plugin for the project, I installed it. Boom, done. However, in creating a theme for the general masses, I could totally see me needing to include something like a plugin that lets you add classes to widgets and that sort of thing.

So the question becomes, how best to go about this? I see three possible solutions:

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