“Stop bitching and fuckin adapt”

I think I just wrote my fastest plugin ever.

Inspired by a Twitter request from Jeff Chandler, I adapted Matt Mullenweg’s classic “Hello Dolly” plugin to instead stream the words of wisdom from the NFL’s now most famous cornerback.

(For this, Matt, I’m truly, truly sorry.)

Download the awesomeness from my GitHub account and let Richard Sherman’s rant become a part of your WordPress admin experience.

(P.S., I’m still looking for that “Stop bitching and fuckin adapt” inspiration poster.)

CodeKit and Grunt and Gulp, Oh My!

Grunt Logo

There is no denying that CSS was the first great revolution in the front end web world. Without it, think of what the web would look like; most likely, it would have remained limited to its academic origins, where style and design play a much less significant role than the multifaceted, visual web we have today.

In recent years, CSS has undergone a revolution of its very own, as preprocessors such as Sass, LESS, Stylus and others change our methodologies in creating our stylesheets. These tools allow for greater efficiency both in terms of creating the CSS and the final product that’s produced. I was slow to jump on the CSS-preprocessor bandwagon, but I am fully on board these days.

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A Matter of Trust

A screenshot of my iPhone's iOS home screen

Apple, in all their presumptuousness, has now pushed iOS 7.0.3 to both my iPhone and my iPad. I have not yet installed iOS 7 at all, nor do I want to. It’s ugly, it breaks with my muscle-memory conventions, and frankly I have no need for it. But there it sits anyway, consuming precious storage and trying to goad me into installation with the big red circle sitting atop the “Settings” icon.

Another red badge on my home screen is the number of apps on my phone with available updates. Currently, it reads 105. iOS 7 brings the promise of auto-updating my apps, so I never have to see this badge again. But for now it sits, like the world’s slowest odometer showing me exactly how obsolete I am becoming.

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Oops, I Did It Again

Yesterday, as I was frantically researching for my upcoming talk at WordCamp Baltimore, I wanted to get all the details on WebKit’s implementation of the srcset attribute.  A link to .Net magazine, a leading resource of information about website design and development, was the third option that came back on Google.

I clicked on it, only to be redirected to a welcome page on CreativeBloq.com.  No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t actually find the article I was looking for.  I was able to bring it up on Google’s cache, but still. (The article in question, FYI, was all of one month old.)

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Taking After School Activity Providers Back to School

It’s back to school time again, meaning it’s also back to after school activities. Thing 1 is in chess club and takes piano lessons. Thing 2 wants to be a Girl Scout Daisy.

There’s also a bevy of after school sports to choose from, all run by organizations that at this age (3rd and K) are not our school system, but rather private organizations that come to schools throughout the area for things like soccer, field hockey, etc.

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Lightning Storm

Last night, WordPress DC (which, if you live in/near Washington, D.C. and love WordPress, you really must join) held a round of lightning talks covering a range of WordPress and WordPress-related topics.

I gave a quick five-minute talk on some stupid Sass tricks you can do, including changing the entire color scheme on a page just using one hex color and a whole bunch of Sass color functions. Then I demoed how you can create odd grid systems by again, modifying only a handful of variables.

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I’m in Love

I’ll admit it, I’m a WordPress theme junkie. It’s what I do, after all. I love seeing what the big theme shops put out almost as much as I love building them myself. I’m also perennially distracted by “the new shiny” — pretty much every new theme that comes out will catch my eye and earn my appreciation.

But then there are the ones… the ones that knock your socks off when you see them. It was like that for me on Wednesday when I first saw the new theme from The Theme Foundry, Collections.

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Chapter 4 Now Available

Hi kids, here’s a book update. Chapters four through six are currently in review, but that’s not holding us back! If you’ve purchased the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program), chapter four is now available for download. In it, I go in depth in building your static prototype, a step that I do not consider optional when building a WordPress theme.

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