About Tracy Rotton

Hi, my name is Tracy Rotton. That’s pronounced “ROH-tuhn”.

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What Do I Do?

I build custom, responsive, WordPress experiences. I’ve been working with WordPress for over ten years, and have been building websites for over twenty years. Some of the other technologies and techniques I work with on a daily basis include:

  • CSS, Sass, and PostCSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Pantheon

Who Do I Do This For?

I’ve been running Taupecat Studios since 2017, primarily partnering with other agencies to provide their clients with high-quality, customized WordPress sites. I’ve also contracted with amazing agencies to provide support and expertise on high-profile projects, such as the launch of the United States Department of State’s transition to WordPress in May.

Prior to that, I was the Front-End Architect for four years at RP3 Agency in Bethesda, Maryland. While there, I created digital solutions for clients like National Harbor, Norfolk Southern, Long & Foster, and the Washington Area Women’s Foundation. In doing so, I got to work with really great people on our Creative Technology team.

I’ve also worked for Discovery Communications, and Marriott International.

What Else Do I Do?

I speak at WordCamps and have taught WordPress development at General Assembly in Washington, D.C. I also ski, swim, bike, and root for the Washington Redskins. Plus I have two great children. But largely, I’m obsessed with web stuff. 🙂

And I tweet about all the things I mentioned above.

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