Here’s a list of plugins I’ve written for WordPress and jQuery.  Nothing earth-shattering, but hopefully they’re of use to someone.

TC Custom Taxonomy Filter

Got custom taxonomies? Want to filter your dashboard by said custom taxonomies? Download this plugin.

TC Disable Browser Upgrade Warning

Just drop this plugin in your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it to get rid of the “Your browser is out of date!” warning box that pops up if you’re using less than the latest & greatest of your chosen flavor of web browser.

TC Comment Out

TC Comment Out is my first foray into the world of publicly released WordPress plugins.  It’s a simple plugin that allows you to “comment out” content in your page or post, merely through the use of shortcodes.

Richard Sherman

This was just a joke, and as such it’s going to live on my GitHub repo until after the Super Bowl, then I’m going to take it down.  Jeff Chandler joked on Twitter:

…and I went ahead and answered the call. Bring the full post-NFC championship rant (plus a bonus line from an email from Sherman’s Stanford days) into the admin of your WordPress site.


jQuery BetterSlide

Replaces jQuery’s native SlideUp/SlideDown/SlideToggle functionality to eliminate the “jump” bug.