TC Comment Out

TC Comment Out is my first foray into the world of publicly released WordPress plugins. ┬áIt’s a simple plugin that allows you to “comment out” content in your page or post, merely through the use of shortcodes.

Place the shortcode [comment] at the beginning of the text you want to comment out, and [/comment] at the end.

If you want the comment-out text to be enclosed in HTML comment syntax (the default), set the “type” attribute to “html”, or just leave out the “type” attribute altogether. If you want the commented-out text to be removed completely from the browser’s “View Source” window, set the “type” attribute to “hidden”.

[comment]This text is commented out using HTML comment out syntax.[/comment]
[comment type=”html”]Ditto.[/comment]
[comment type=”hidden”]This text won’t make it to the browser window in any way, shape or form.[/comment]

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