Shout Out to Rolls ‘n Rice

I gotta give a lot of kudos to my new (well, newish) favorite sushi joint, Rolls n’ Rice (Congressional Plaza, Rockville).  I come in a lot for lunch during the week, but a few weeks ago I brought my entire family there for dinner.  My 5 year old son is easy; he loves sushi already and had no problem chowing down on avocado and New York rolls.  But my 2 year old daughter is a bit more picky.  She only likes things that are sweet or deep-fried, and preferably both at the same time.  But I asked the waiter if they could make some chicken tempura, not normally on the menu, and they did for a very reasonable price.  Both Sammy and Sasha loved it.

I came in for lunch a few days later and the waiter said they wouldn’t be making that any more, that the chicken tempura was too much trouble to make, according to the chef.  That was disappointing, but understandable.

Flash forward to today.  I ran in for some California rolls, and the waiter told me that not only would they be adding chicken tempura to the regular menu (yay!), but that they were going to create a kid’s menu (double yay!).

So for some great sushi (and other Japanese dishes, such as bento boxes, tempuras and teriyaki) and really great people, head over to Rolls ‘n Rice.  They are awesome people.

Update: Rolls ‘n Rice just announced on their Facebook page that they just added their awesome-sounding children’s menu. So excited!

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