My iPad 2 Predictions

Apple iPad 2 InvitationWell, everyone else has gotten into the act, so with a little more than twenty-four hours left in which to speculate, here are my official predictions as to what the new iPads to be announced tomorrow will have:

  1. Front facing and rear facing cameras. Well, duh. This has been a mainstay of the rumor mill since the first iPad was released last spring. Lack of a camera for FaceTime was a partial (not the major) reason for me not purchasing the iPad 1, and I’m looking forward to easy video conferencing capabilities in the new version.
  2. Increase in storage capacity. Bye-bye, 16GB. Your new low-end iPad will be the 32GB, with 64GB and 128GB being the middle and high-end options, at the same prices as the current low/middle/high ends.
  3. 3G everywhere. I think the wi-fi only option will also go by the wayside. Starting tomorrow, every iPad will contain the required circuitry for handling GSM and CDMA 3G networks.
  4. SD card slot. Okay, even I don’t believe this one, but I’m throwing out there for a lark. If you believe all the case leaks, there’s a mystery port at the top of the new device. USB? Perish the thought. ThunderBolt? Well, maybe. But I think an SD card makes the most sense of the possible options.

So how did I do? We’ll find out tomorrow afternoon.

One thought on “My iPad 2 Predictions

  1. I’m with you on the first 3. I don’t think there will be a SD slot. You didn’t say anything about the display, which I predict will not be retina. And of course it will be slimmer, lighter, more magical than ever.

    Also, I’ll predict that it will appear in the stores before the end of March, with pre-sale tomorrow afternoon.

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