How’d I Do?

To much fanfare and Twitter-wide praise, Apple launched the iPad 2 today in San Francisco.  (And much to my chagrin, they are not available immediately. I have to wait a whole week and a half. I’m so bummed.)

But now it’s time for rumor-mill roundups. How did I do? Okay, but not great.

  1. Front facing and rear facing cameras. I mean, come on. Everybody saw that coming.
  2. Increase in storage capacity. Sadly, this was not too be. Same storage options as before, but at the same price. Kind of a bummer here. Apple, lately, has been offering upgraded specs at previous model prices, but not this time.
  3. 3G Everywhere. Not even close on this one. Not only are the wi-fi only models still an option, but you have to pick either AT&T or Verizon. Given that there are three storage options, this makes a whopping 9 18 (nine models times two colors) different models to choose from. That’s very un-Apple like.
  4. SD card slot. No on that one. No ThunderBolt either (I didn’t think there would be), but there is HDMI mirroring. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

So overall, my predictions were crap. Why did you even listen to me?

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