Which iPad 2 Will You Get?

In an extremely un-Apple like move, the Cupertino, California company will release eighteen different variants of its new iPad 2 in the United States on Friday. Which model do you have your eye on?

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When you list out the options in this way, it seems a little ridiculous.

One thought on “Which iPad 2 Will You Get?

  1. Still haven’t decided 100%, but right now I’m leaning towards the 32GB Wi-Fi only in black. The black part is definite, 32GB should be plenty of storage, the only real question is the connectivity. I’m almost inclined to go with the Wi-Fi only just so I don’t have to pick my poison in terms of carrier. I don’t really want to spend the extra $$$ for data charge, there are still plenty of things you can do with an iPad when it’s not online, and I spend much of my time in Wi-Fi areas anyway.

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