The High Price of Gigabytes

AT&T and Verizon have formally announced their iPad 2 pricing plans, and it’s clear that they expect us to live in the stone age when it comes to internet usage on the go.

Here are the numbers, broken down:

Verizon AT&T
Gigabytes Monthly Cost Per GB Gigabytes Monthly Cost Per GB
1 GB $20 $20 250MB $14.99 $59.96
3 GB $35 $11.67 2 GB $25 $12.50
5 GB $50 $10
10 GB $80 $8

And of course, this doesn’t even include the cost if your data runneth over, which is a whole other absurd list of charges. ┬áBecause of this mass confusion and chaos, I’m pretty much decided on wi-fi only.

Remember when AT&T offered unlimited data for iPad for $30? For one month? Then killed that?

Good times.

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