TC Custom Taxonomy Filter

I’ve got a new plugin for your WordPress enjoyment: TC Custom Taxonomy Filter.

What does it do? Well, you know how in the dashboard you can filter your posts and pages by their category? Yeah, well natively you can’t do that with custom taxonomies. And with custom post types and custom taxonomies quickly becoming a really big thing, it seems like very useful functionality.

Frankly, I was kinda surprised I had to write this thing, but exhaustive searching on the plugin repository and the web at large revealed no such plugin in existence.  Sure, there were several tutorials on how to do what I needed to do (of varying quality and recentness), but no simple drop on the site, hit activate and go type thing.

So I wrote one.

And starting with this plugin, all of my WordPress (and other) plugins will be pushed up to GitHub so that you, the website lover, can tinker with my code as much as you please because really, while WordPress code is poetry, my code is no great work of art.

So download, enjoy, fork, and pull request to your heart’s content.

2 thoughts on “TC Custom Taxonomy Filter

  1. Hey! I think you should improve the description provided in the plugin page on It’s a bit ambiguous. I thought we can enable the filter option on the front end too with this. 🙂 I think mentioning the dashboard word would solve the problem.

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