No sooner had WP Daily lamented the fact that WPCandy hadn’t posted a new article in over a month, WPCandy responds in force by publishing four articles in a 24 hour span.

WP Daily’s piece went on about some of the other ventures of Ryan Imel’s that seem to have gone dormant as well. I’ve never met Ryan, and he wouldn’t know me from Eve (well, he might recognize me from my gravatar), but it seems to me that he might be the victim of his own success. When you build a site, and a community, that people rely on, it can be hard to continue to live up to expectations.

I guess, in a way, it’s a good problem to have.  After all, who wouldn’t rather be too successful instead of not successful enough?  This is something I have to be careful of myself right not.  Well, not so much whether I’m too “successful” or not; whether I’m successful at anything at all is for others to judge.  But rather, over-committing myself.  In the past twelve or so months, I’ve started speaking at WordPress meetups and WordCamps, blogging for Treehouse, submitted a book proposal to an actual publisher, and have other extracurricular projects in the works (too soon to talk about!).  All of this, while working full time for RP3 and raising two young, and active, children.

So forgive me if my email reply is a little delayed; I’m probably taking Sam to hockey lessons.  And if I’m a little late on my next blog post, it might because I’m trying to meet a tight deadline at work.

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