A Little Vindication

Yesterday I chimed in on an exchange on Twitter about the constant CSS argument of whether or not to use IDs as selectors (I’m in the not camp, BTW):

But still, I felt that my position had some validity. I don’t remember if I had come up with the thought myself and then learned that others were doing it that way too, or if it was something I read somewhere and then started doing it myself. Either way, I didn’t feel like I was in the wrong.

Then I came across this post last night, from 2011, by Jeremy Keith (author of HTML5 for Web Designers).

So yeah, I feel a little vindicated on this. And this was kinda important to me at the moment because just the night before I had written a sidebar in my book about how using ARIA landmark roles as CSS selectors is a better idea than using IDs.

(Which reminds me, I need to post another book update here. Maybe in a couple of weeks when there might actually be news.)

But anyway, I didn’t want to give wrong advice to my readers, so the fact that Trusted Internet Celebrity™ Jeremy Keith was advocating the same approach I was using justified my position.

The sidebar stays in.

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