All of My Godots

I think I know a little about how Vladimir and Estragon felt. It seems all I’m doing right now is waiting for news. And waiting. And waiting.

Take WordCamp San Francisco. I submitted my speaker proposal back in April. Submissions were due May 1. For some reason (and I could be wrong about this) I thought we were supposed to hear yea or nay by May 15. It’s now mid-June, six short weeks before the camp itself, and as far as I know, no speaker applicant has been informed as to whether they were accepted or not.

For those of us whose attendance depends on being accepted as a speaker, this is frustrating to say the least. I have no ticket to the camp (and the first allotment of general admission tickets have already sold out), no plane ticket, no hotel room. I doubt at this late date I could go even if I was accepted. And this is the year I really, really wanted to go for the first time, since I’m working on the book and all. Speaking of which…

My 1/3 book review started May 29 and was supposed to run 2 weeks, at which point I’d hear if Manning was interested in continuing with the project. That would’ve brought us to June 12, but as of yet I’ve not heard back. My development editor is pinging the powers that be for an answer, but nothing so far. So, yeah.

Then there’s the HELOC I’m applying for. More hurry up and wait. I’ve submitted all the documentation they requested and more, and now I just get to sit on my ass and wait, four to six weeks (if I’m lucky) for them to make up their minds. Meanwhile the clock is ticking on what I need those funds for. It’s a whole chicken and egg thing, rushing to do one thing that I need, just to have to rush on the other end as well. All the time waiting, waiting, waiting on others to do something. Sorry for being vague on this one, but you gets my point.

And last, but not least, I’m waiting on the results of some medical tests. The tests were done on June 3rd, and I was told the results would be back in about a week. Well, a call to the doctor on Thursday was fruitless. Maybe I’ll hear back next week but as you might imagine, I’m not holding my breath.

I’m not the most patient person by nature, and all of this waiting is pushing my limits. But for the most part, it’s all out of my hands and I’m being left here, just like Vladimir and Estragon. Waiting.

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