Chapter 4 Now Available

Hi kids, here’s a book update. Chapters four through six are currently in review, but that’s not holding us back! If you’ve purchased the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program), chapter four is now available for download. In it, I go in depth in building your static prototype, a step that I do not consider optional when building a WordPress theme.

Want to dig into the code as you go? It’s all available for download on my GitHub page, even for chapters not yet available for download. While you’re there, check out some of my other responsive, Sass and WordPress projects. I’ve also got my Sass-ified version of the WordPress starter them _s there (we’ll talk more about _s in chapter five).

Got feedback you want to share? Lemme have it! There’s a forum on Manning’s site where you can leave comments, questions, suggestions… the works! (Although please, don’t just report simple typos. They’ll get cleaned out in the final review process.)

Lastly, I’ve set up a new site for information, resources, updates and other stuff about the book at, but right now it’s in “Coming Soon” mode so there isn’t anything there yet. But soon!

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