Not Quite So Out of Touch Maybe?

It seems the reports of my future isolation have been somewhat exaggerated.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a new doctor at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore who still recommended the RAI treatment, but basically called all of the other doctor’s recommendations “silly.”

So here’s the scoop: In the beginning of January I’ll be spending a few days in Baltimore receiving medication and getting tests in advance of the RAI. I will not have to come off my current thyroid hormone replacement medication, which means I won’t feel crappy from lack of thyroid hormone. Yay for that!

I’ll still have to take the radioactive pill (probably), but at a lower dose. The next week will still be spent in the hinterlands, but then it’ll be back to Baltimore for a follow up test. Assuming all goes well, I’ll be able to head home after that.

Over all, much less dramatic than the original plan. Which means less time to work on all those projects I’ve been queuing up.  Hmmm…

One thought on “Not Quite So Out of Touch Maybe?

  1. What your doctor is probably talking about a whole body scan to make sure that there is no spread outside of thyroid capsule.
    To minimize side effects, the scan could be done after thyrogen injections that will shorter the preparation period

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