Of Books & Podcasts…

Quick update! Due to travel schedules, my podcast appearance will be on March 27. Please adjust your calendars.

Great news, everybody! Actually, terrible news. Well, a little bit of both, but more great than terrible. I hope.

The Book

The book has had some, well, issues. Low presales has led the publisher, Manning, to cancel it. Fret not, however! The book will live on in self-published, eBook form. If you were one of the few that bought the MEAP, well, first, thank you!!!, and second, email me a copy of your invoice and I’ll make sure you get a copy of the book when it’s done. This is in addition to whatever compensation you are getting from Manning.

I’ve also been on a bit of a writing hiatus while I’ve been dealing with my health issues. The good news there is that is all done; no more exile, weird diets, and repeated trips for blood tests, scans and the like. With all of that (not to mention the holidays) out of the way, I’m back to being focused on finishing the book.

So I’m making a commitment right now: The book will be done and published on Tuesday, March 11. You heard it here first. That’s a hard date, and I’m not going to stray from it.

(I’m so toast.)

I haven’t made this announcement yet over on the book’s site, but I will post most book updates there. But onto other news:

The Podcast

What podcast, you ask? Chris Coyier from the Shop Talk Show has graciously offered me to be a future guest on the show. Excited doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. On March 20th March 27th, I’ll be answering your front end development, responsive web design, WordPress, and Sass questions, so go over to their site and start submitting! It would also be so very, very awesome if you joined the chatroom during the show.

So that’s all the big news I have for the day. I hope you’ll join me on Shop Talk Show on March 20 March 27, and are looking forward to the book as much as I am looking forward to finishing it!

2 thoughts on “Of Books & Podcasts…

  1. OMG, that is so effin’ cool that you’re going to be on Shop Talk!!

    Disappointing to hear the tome got nixed because of pre-sale #’s. Being on Shop Talk and presenting at WordCamps will certainly raise one’s profile; -wish they’d stuck it out. Nerdy admission: on New Year’s Eve at midnight, I was buried in chapter 5 of Responsive WordPress_v6, lol.

    Best of luck with your finishing date; catch you around whenever they re-start WP DC meet up.

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say! Yeah, I’m excited about being on Shop Talk Show. I hope I don’t embarrass myself. 🙂

      As for the book, I think a lot of the problem was that Manning’s traditional customer base isn’t really in the WordPress or front end spheres. (Although they have a Sass & Compass book coming out, so go figure.) There is a slim possibility I could try and sell this to another publisher, but really at this point, I just want to finish it and make it available, and self-publishing seems to be the easiest and fastest way to accomplish that.

      Thanks again for the kind words!

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