Announcing a New Plugin: Flipboard Magazine Widget

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Hey you, yes you! Take a look at my sidebar. See that magazine-cover-looking-thingy? That’s thanks to my new plugin, Flipboard Magazine Widget. You can grab it over here at the WordPress plugin repository.

A Little Background

Before I had an iPad, Flipboard was the app I was missing most (this was before they had an iPhone version). Once I got said iPad, I loved paging through the cover stories, Instagram pics, and everything else in my collection of social feeds in it’s clean, visual style.

But when they came out with “magazines,” I was all like “meh!”

That is, until my coworker Wyatt announced he was creating a magazine for the RP3 Creative Technology team and that we should all contribute to it. Now I was seeing what was interesting to my coworkers, and sharing stuff that I found interesting too. And we started getting other subscribers as well, and building a small following. Now I got it. (And you can too. See what Wyatt, Bryan, Brian, Kurt and myself are sharing on our Flipboard magazine).

The Now

Flipboard recently announced that they were adding magazine and profile widgets that you can add to your website with a few lines of HTML code. Well, for a WordPress fangirl like myself, the word “widget” has a very specific meaning, so I created a true WordPress widget for putting a magazine widget in your WordPress sidebar, no code necessary.

Got a magazine related to your site that you want to tout? Flipboard Magazine Widget is the easiest way to do it in WordPress. If you’re using it, leave me a note in the comments so I can come check it out.

And enjoy!

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