Today RP3 Agency pulled the curtain back on, our brand new, mobile first, responsive website. It’s been a crazy process of tight deadlines, designing on the fly, and taking up roles outside of our traditional comfort zones.

And we’re by no means done. is an iteration of an overall change to how we approach digital design at RP3. (Read the complete announcement by Kurt Roberts, RP3’s Chief Creative Technologist.) is not a replacement for our agency’s website, but rather an experimentation in what can happen when you design in the browser, throw away conventional process, and work to build first and question later.

We’re also exposing our work to public scrutiny by posting our code to GitHub. Examine our processes along with us as we explore new ways of building, managing and deploying our digital work.

It’s taken a lot of effort to get to this point. As we continue through in coming weeks, I’ll be exploring more thoughts on how the digital design process needs to change in our new, responsive world.

One thought on “Launching

  1. I’m glad that the code for the site will be available to look at, you know, once I find a way to understand all of the underpinning technologies. Treehouse, here I come!

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