TC Disable Browser Upgrade Warning

Just drop this plugin in your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it to get rid of the “Your browser is out of date!” warning box that pops up if your using less than the latest & greatest of your chosen flavor of web browser.

The caveat here is obvious: if you’re using an older browser, you’re running the risk of: security threats, improper rendering of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, and the laughter and mockery of your friends.

On the other hand, perhaps your clients are stuck on an older browser, and upgrading is not an option.  Corporate and government clients are usually the ones who fall into this category, many of whom have standardized on Internet Explorer 8 because they are not yet running Windows 7 (a requirement to run Internet Explorer 9).

Or you’re just sick of Mozilla updating Firefox to a whole new version number every three months.

Whatever your reason, if you don’t want your clients to panic when they see this scareware dashboard, just turn this plugin on and it blissfully goes away.

Download from

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