Work History

In May 2019, the United States Department of State launched a brand-new website built on WordPress. Through two contracts—the first with Huge, Inc. and then with Eagle Harbor Solutions—I was the Technical Architect responsible for the technical planning, advanced development, and technical team lead.

I also run Taupecat Studios, a WordPress agency in North Bethesda, Maryland. I partner with top agencies to provide expert WordPress development on high-profile projects for businesses and non-profits.

Previously, I’ve worked for small agencies and some of the world’s largest brands. Below is a snapshot of my past work experience.

RP3 Agency

Bethesda, Maryland


Rockville, Maryland

Discovery Communications

Silver Spring, Maryland

Cyclades Corporation

Fremont, California

vivid Studios

San Francisco, California

Marriott International

Bethesda, Maryland

Looking for a WordPress expert to lead your project to success? Hop over to Taupecat Studios or shoot me an email.